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The radio frequency magnetic loop generates a weak magnetic field with a variable frequency in the near area.

The scientifically confirmed interaction of the magnetic field with microbiological entities has opened up new medical disciplines, that positively influence and help maintain our health through the non-chemical way.

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Accessories for RaMaLoop and ElZapp

Accessories for RaMaLoop and ElZapp


LOOPER SYSTEMS s.r.o. is a business firm with a "magnetic loop" orientation. It was established by separation of the segment of magnetic loop antennas (MLA), developed since 2009 in the broader profiled company B PLUS TV a.s. (BTV), which has been engaged for several years in the development and production of home rehabilitation devices based on magnetotherapy and biorezonance. The RaMaLoop and PlasmaLoop devices are based on a similar physical principle as MLA, but are designed for totally different purposes. That is why both categories are on the web LOOPER SYSTEMS presented separately.


RaMaLoop and PlasmaLoop COMPARISON

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RaMaLoop = Radiofrequency Magnetic Loop = radiofrequency magnetic loop is based on a similar principle as MLA = Magnetic Loop Antenna = Magnetic Loop Antenna, see Physically, this is a conductor rolled into a coil that is pulsed by current impulses. The coil creates a magnetic field in the surroundings. The electric field is significantly suppressed due to the antenna structure at RaMaLoop. On a similar physical principle, most of the instruments used for magnetotherapy work.



PlasmaLoop is a device similar to the original device developed in the first half of the last century by dr. Rif and its current Czech version, which is more commonly known as a plasma generator. Plasma generators use as a approximate antenna conductor a burning discharge in diluted gas, plasma. In the plasma generator, its antenna is building up the near surrounding space by predominantly the electrical component of the electromagnetic field, whose magnetic component is significantly suppressed, which is principally related to the construction of an antenna radiator. As the burning plasma discharge forms a coil thread, a much stronger magnetic component of the elmag range is formed in the near surroundings.



ElZapp is based on a similar principle as most Zapper devices. The "zapping" method was put into practice by dr. Rif’s students and followers. Its point is simple: Instead of acting with an electromagnetic field, microbiological processes are influenced by a simpler path, by the direct action of impulse or alternating current flowing through the body. The advantage of this principle is the simplicity of the device, the disadvantage, the unknown distribution of current pathways (channels) of the internal body tissues. In some parts and organs, current can not be effectively routed due to the different resistance of body tissues and organs. The advantage of ElZapp is its generational upgrade. Significant miniaturization, reduced energy consumption, increased user comfort, increased memory capacity (nr. of procedures), including simple coaching through SD, are the basic advantages of ElZapp against most existing devices in this category.


Additional antenna RML A1


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CM - 455

Selective comparative magnetometer CM 455 is a magnetic field meter that radiates antennas of magneto-therapeutic and biorezonance devices. Typically, for example: Plasma generator, RaMaLoop, PlasmaLoop, MTE-14 and others similar to them. The CM 455 was developed by BTV company in order to highlight alternating magnetic fields of low and medium frequencies that are otherwise difficult to measure. Attention! The CM 455 is not identical to the DT-1130 electromagnetic smog detector, however the CM 455 reminds of its DT-1130 design. Both devices are completely different in principle, although they use the same cabinet and display and can not be interchanged. For many reasons, the CM 455 magnetometer does not work for measurement in a wider spectral view. The measurement is selective on the frequency of 455 KHz +/- 5 kHz and is only indicative. However, even this comparative measurement is sufficient to detect the radiation characteristics of magnetotherapeutic and biorezonance devices and to compare their emitted power. The CM 455 can also be used to monitor their basic functions online - generating alternating magnetic fields.



RaMaLoop is a revolutionary innovated device MTE-14. It is a device that extends the functionality of generators type Zapper, which are usually equipped with only galvanic output. RaMaLoop significantly increases the utility value of these devices with the possibility of contactless action through alternating pulse magnetic fields.

The effect of the radio magnetic loop RaMaLoop is that an electromagnetic field with a spatial effect of up to a few meters is created around the frame coil - the antenna. Although the physiologically biological nature of the magnetic field effect on living tissue is not scientifically explained to date, scientifically validated knowledge about the positive effects of the magnetic field of low frequencies is confirmed on the contrary quite unambiguously. A number of world-renowned companies are engaged in the development and manufacture of professional devices operating on this principle, and devices of this category are now routinely used in medical and rehabilitation practice. The effects of radiofrequency magnetic fields (higher frequencies than are used in magnetotherapy) on biological entities, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, are at the stage of both scientific and laical verification.

We do not want and can not evoke any direct connection or compliance of our RaMaLoop with approved devices used in medical and rehabilitation practice, nor we do not declare the same effect in this area. With 100% confidence we can only claim that the principle of the both compared categories of is identical. From a commercial point of view, RaMaLoop is only to be considered as a pulse alternating magnetic field generator.

The above quoted magnetotherapy, which is commonly used in the medical and rehabilitation practice as a lege artis therapeutic approach, serves only as a theoretical guideline and illustrative example of how the magnetic field works. In medical and rehabilitation practice, pulsed magnetic fields are used to accelerate convalescence after surgery, injuries and bone fractures and, last but not least, for strengthening the immune system and other healthy lifestyle’s beneficial activity.

The genius inventor Nikola Tesla mentions the positive effect of the electromagnetic field on the human organism at the beginning of the last century in his notes and diaries.

The spectrum of scientifically confirmed pulsed magnetic field interactions can be summarized as follows:

  • pain relief (analgesic effect)
  • removing muscle tension (myorelaxant effect)
  • vascular expansion (vasodilatation) - blood circulation of the tissue
  • anti-inflammatory action (sterile and microbially-mediated inflammation)
  • acceleration of healing processes
  • anti-edem action
  • strengthen the immune system
  • strengthening and stabilization of bone tissue
  • improvement of cellular and tissue metabolism
  • reduction in drug consumption, faster recovery, substantial reduction to disappearance of chronic illness, all as a result of the above effects

Clinically was the therapeutic effect of the magnetic field confirmed especially in the following diseases:

  • rheumatic diseases (arthritis, Bechterew, arthrosis, spondylarthosis, gout, etc.)
  • back pain
  • osteoporosis
  • spondylosis
  • prostatitis
  • fresh fractures
  • fibromyalgia
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • swelling and inflammation
  • bumps and burns
  • tennis elbow, frozen shoulder
  • injury of peripheral nerves
  • paradenthosis, inflammation of the bone
  • metabolism disorder
  • headaches (migraine)
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  • adding or replacing a “zapping”
  • small
  • lightweight
  • portable
  • contactless action


  • modern
  • smaller
  • more efficient
  • energy saving
  • user friendly


  • modern
  • smaller
  • lighter
  • more efficient
  • energy saving
  • user friendly
  • increased memory for procedures


RaMaLoop is an incredibly effective electromagnetic device that allows for quite a pleasant way to eliminate pathogens and to interfere gently with the biology of living organisms - humans and animals. It affects the fractal geometry of the live and lifeless mass that it brings into the harmonic state. The specific form of the magnetic field penetrates the mass in which it affects the deviant generations of magnetic quanta. My cat somehow senses when I have a device active, and at that moment she will come and automatically lie down to him. I have to figure out which frequency is the most attractive for her. There is so much to explore. In spring I removed her worms with RaMaLoop after three weeks. Though she catch a lot of mice weekly, I have not found any remnants of tapeworms in her faeces. This was similar with Feline Herpesvirus. I decided to build an experimental greenhouse to be able to rely on a lively nature in a scientific way. There is so much to explore ...

Pavel Roudny

Other references
Oldřich Burger

Oldrich Burger

Study of SPSE Prague, military connecting vocational school in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, PF Ostrava. Pedagogical worker for youth leisure activities. In the seventies, he worked as an electronics engineer at the Institute of Physical Metallurgy of the CSAV in Ostrava. After 1989, he has been building a telecommunication company, acting as the executive of the first private network of local TVs in the Czech Republic. He has published a number of technical articles.

I am deeply convinced that the devices developed and produced in the Czech Republic, which we present on the pages below, really help. I admit; it is not our "invention", it is a legacy of Nikola Tesla and R.R. Rife.

A large percentage of people do not believe that the methods discovered by dr. Rife really work. Our estimate - it is up to 80% of the educated population. In other words; Only two people out of ten believe that the path of dr. Rife has a real physical basis that it's not just fiction and placebo.

If you have personal experience with our devices and you are willing to testify that the "invisible radiofrequency waves” really helps, let us know. Through the reference page you can spread awareness and reduce the percentage of skeptics.

Become a messenger of good news and help in the current obscurity of the world to spread alternative views on your own health care. Your testimony is important too!

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We do not guarantee these frequencies will effectively kill COVID 19 and cure the patient. The COVID file is available here for use with ElZapp. It contains recommended frequencies from Zapper Technology, Beyond3D and Mr. Heczko. Considering how quickly the virus has been spreading it won't hurt to have these frequencies uploaded on the microSD card of your ElZapp. Just in case...