RaMaLoop = Radiofrequency Magnetic Loop = radiofrequency magnetic loop is based on a similar principle as MLA = Magnetic Loop Antenna = Magnetic Loop Antenna, see Physically, this is a conductor rolled into a coil that is pulsed by current impulses. The coil creates a magnetic field in the surroundings. The electric field is significantly suppressed due to the antenna structure at RaMaLoop. On a similar physical principle, most of the instruments used for magnetotherapy work.


PlasmaLoop is a device similar to the original device developed in the first half of the last century by dr. Rif and its current Czech version, which is more commonly known as a plasma generator. Plasma generators use as a approximate antenna conductor a burning discharge in diluted gas, plasma. In the plasma generator, its antenna is building up the near surrounding space by predominantly the electrical component of the electromagnetic field, whose magnetic component is significantly suppressed, which is principally related to the construction of an antenna radiator. As the burning plasma discharge forms a coil thread, a much stronger magnetic component of the elmag range is formed in the near surroundings.

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