radio magnetic loop for medical applications

RaMaLoop - radio magnetic loop

RaMaLoop Features

  • adding or replacing a “zapping”
  • small
  • lightweight
  • portable
  • contactless action

The spectrum of scientifically confirmed pulsed magnetic field interactions can be summarized as follows:

  • pain relief (analgesic effect)
  • removing muscle tension (myorelaxant effect)
  • vascular expansion (vasodilatation) - blood circulation of the tissue
  • anti-inflammatory action (sterile and microbially-mediated inflammation)
  • acceleration of healing processes
  • anti-edem action
  • strengthen the immune system
  • strengthening and stabilization of bone tissue
  • improvement of cellular and tissue metabolism
  • reduction in drug consumption, faster recovery, substantial reduction to disappearance of chronic illness, all as a result of the above effects

Clinically was the therapeutic effect of the magnetic field confirmed especially in the following diseases:

  • rheumatic diseases (arthritis, Bechterew, arthrosis, spondylarthosis, gout, etc.)
  • back pain
  • osteoporosis
  • spondylosis
  • prostatitis
  • fresh fractures
  • fibromyalgia
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • swelling and inflammation
  • bumps and burns
  • tennis elbow, frozen shoulder
  • injury of peripheral nerves
  • paradenthosis, inflammation of the bone
  • metabolism disorder
  • headaches (migraine)

RaMaLoop is a revolutionary innovated device MTE-14. It is a device that extends the functionality of generators type Zapper, which are usually equipped with only galvanic output. RaMaLoop significantly increases the utility value of these devices with the possibility of contactless action through alternating pulse magnetic fields.

The effect of the radio magnetic loop RaMaLoop is that an electromagnetic field with a spatial effect of up to a few meters is created around the frame coil - the antenna. Although the physiologically biological nature of the magnetic field effect on living tissue is not scientifically explained to date, scientifically validated knowledge about the positive effects of the magnetic field of low frequencies is confirmed on the contrary quite unambiguously. A number of world-renowned companies are engaged in the development and manufacture of professional devices operating on this principle, and devices of this category are now routinely used in medical and rehabilitation practice. The effects of radiofrequency magnetic fields (higher frequencies than are used in magnetotherapy) on biological entities, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, are at the stage of both scientific and laical verification.

We do not want and can not evoke any direct connection or compliance of our RaMaLoop with approved devices used in medical and rehabilitation practice, nor we do not declare the same effect in this area. With 100% confidence we can only claim that the principle of the both compared categories of is identical. From a commercial point of view, RaMaLoop is only to be considered as a pulse alternating magnetic field generator.

The above quoted magnetotherapy, which is commonly used in the medical and rehabilitation practice as a lege artis therapeutic approach, serves only as a theoretical guideline and illustrative example of how the magnetic field works. In medical and rehabilitation practice, pulsed magnetic fields are used to accelerate convalescence after surgery, injuries and bone fractures and, last but not least, for strengthening the immune system and other healthy lifestyle’s beneficial activity.

The genius inventor Nikola Tesla mentions the positive effect of the electromagnetic field on the human organism at the beginning of the last century in his notes and diaries.

Magnetotherapeutic extender MTE-14 and its generational successor RaMaLoop is primarily designed to extend the application capabilities of Zapper impulse generators. (Generally, however, with any technically compatible AC pulse generator). As mentioned above, the RaMaLoop generates around its coil - the antenna, the weak impulse alternating magnetic field. It is therefore particularly suited for experimental use in areas where, so far, magnetic fields higher than those used in megnetotherapy, have not yet been used. In other words: In the example above, magnetotherapy is frequency limited to frequency up to 100 Hz, while the frequency range of the RaMaLoop is extended up to a frequency of 1000000 Hz. The RaMaLoop therefore has the potential to become an interesting laboratory and teaching tool for students with science-oriented specialization.

The RaMaLoop is most likely to be appreciated by the existing owners of Zapper type generators, who could only use their device for galvanic biorezonation.

Our mediated findings from the half-year MTE-14 testing series indicate that a similar effect is achieved when generating a higher frequency of alternating magnetic field. The main effect and benefit of RaMaLoop, compared to conventional Zapper frequency generators, is that the magnetic field penetrates to a greater depth than impulse DC. Therefore, there is a wide space to the potential use of frequency magnetotherapy, for example, in veterinary practice.

With the technological advancement of the original MTE-14 extender and the use of digital technology with a high degree of component integration, the ability has expanded to program additional health and fitness-related applications to the core MTE-14 functions (magnetic field). This area, which is filled with devices called psychowalkman (more recently AVS) designed to train the psyche, eliminate pain, stress, insomnia, develop intelligence skills and top performances on a purely mental basis, potentially significantly extends the utility of this device. The AVS feature is likely to be integrated into the next development type, RaMaLoop-PRO. Its production is planned for Q2 2015.

ElZapp is based on a similar principle as most Zapper devices. The "zapping" method was put into practice by dr. Rif’s students and followers. Its point is simple: Instead of acting with an electromagnetic field, microbiological processes are influenced by a simpler path, by the direct action of impulse or alternating current flowing through the body. The advantage of this principle is the simplicity of the device, the disadvantage, the unknown distribution of current pathways (channels) of the internal body tissues. In some parts and organs, current can not be effectively routed due to the different resistance of body tissues and organs. The advantage of ElZapp is its generational upgrade. Significant miniaturization, reduced energy consumption, increased user comfort, increased memory capacity (nr. of procedures) and the use of modern communication technologies (bluetooth), including simple coaching through SD, are the basic advantages of ElZapp against most existing devices in this category.



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